Design - Building Principles


Design - Building Principles

The Draft Masterplan provides a level of detail in relation to design proposals for buildings. It identifies some design principles for each block as follows. 

Images are indicative of how these principles could be implemented.

Block 1 Apartments

These residential buildings are medium scale to align with their context. 

They will be a mix of buff and red brick with small elements of zinc in the block closest to the Signature Building. 

The architectural style is classic with a strong rhythm in the façade. The façade proportions are inspired by the nearby Collar Factory, with the zinc roof reflecting the roof of the listed Pump House 

Block 1 Signature Building

This prominent feature building is one of the highest on the site. It will have a grey brick ground floor with the rest of the building predominantly red brick. 

This along with use of zinc and brick framed balconies help to mirror the residential apartments in block 2 & 4 across the river. 

It also aims to create a relationship with the Venue opposite and uses a similar playful geometry. 

Block 2 Houses

These terraces of family homes are the smallest scale in the development and are red brick with elements of zinc such as roofs and small areas of detailing. 

Roofs are asymmetrically pitched to allow for optimum sun light to dwellings and gardens, this also creates ideal slopes for solar panels. 

Block 2 & 4 Apartments

These apartment buildings are larger in scale stepping up in height as they move away from the houses and towards to boulevard. They are predominately red brick with increasing use of zinc. 

The style references industrial warehouses and this creates bold facades with brick framed balconies overlooking the river. 

Block 3 Office and Student Accommodation

Situated near the GWR building, this block includes an office building (already consented as part of planning application 38/21/0436) and adjacent student accommodation. 

The use of red brick and zinc references their context. In the accommodation building smaller windows improve privacy for residents and a rhythm of piers and recessed brick panels and windows provide interest to the façade. 

Zinc cladding mirrors the ‘book-end’ of the office building. 

Block 5 Hotel and Health / Nursery Hub

These buildings are medium to high scale as they are in the commercial part of the site relating more to the boulevard rather than the residential zone. 

They are buff and red brick, with recessed windows to create interest in the façades which don’t require large areas of glazing due to their use and need for privacy. 

Block 5 Cinema / Leisure

This feature building is medium scale and quite different architecturally from the rest of the site due to its use. 

The façades will have distinct areas of glazed double height lobbies to indicate entrances and textured cladding ‘floating box’ cinema spaces. 

It is intended to be visually striking and provide a focal point to the top of the boulevard. 

Block 5 Venue

This river facing feature building will be buff brick with horizontal concrete banding at floor slabs. 

It will have a large amount of glazing to all the lobbies, circulation and social spaces that are situated at the front of the building. 

It will incorporate playful use of double height spaces and inviting feature staircases to draw people into the building.

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